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  • Lagim™ is featured in CNN Philippines – NEW DAY

    We are honored and grateful to CNN Philippines, for featuring Lagim in their morning show – NEW DAY. With a humbled heart and motivated mind, Fiction Minds CEO and Founder, Augusto Ayo shared Lagim’s background and how did the team come up with such an idea incorporating Filipino folklore and mythology into a one-of-a-kind table-top …

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  • Lagim Featured in CNN Philippines

    Lagim™ is featured in CNN Philippines – Life Leisure

      The year 2020 has its fair share of silver linings despite the challenge of a pandemic. Lagim™ has sparked inspiration to us all. Following the official launch, last December 10, 2020 – Lagim™ has been mentioned in a few gaming community groups in social media as well as blogs. We couldn’t be more thankful …

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