Lagim KS Edition


The Lagim KS Edition features improved rules and components. The game has been redesigned to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience. This edition includes new rules for player elimination, a streamlined turn order and a new scoring system. Additionally, the components have been upgraded to include painted resin pieces, a premium-quality game board, and beautiful artwork. The KS Edition of Lagim is much more immersive and allows players to experience the classic game with a new twist, perfect for any game night.

The game set includes:
• 62× Lagim™ Standard Premium Cards (70x130mm)
• 12× Baryo Soul Coins
• 6× Dark Soul Coins
• Coin Pouch
• Printed Game Rulebook
• Lagim Play Area Board
• 2× Lagim Deck Holder
• Silab Bearer (Active Player Marker)
• 6× Play Instruction Cards
• Agimat Necklace
• Free Limited Edition Sigbin Card

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