Gameplay Mechanics - Lagim Card Game

Gameplay Mechanics Overview

Lagim – meaning dread, terror, or gloom in Filipino – is a survival card game of strategy and luck. Set in the early 17th century Philippines, players must battle dark forest creatures – and each other – to outlast the forces of evil and save the human race.

Conquer the creatures


There is unrest between the Baryos, as mystifying beings and savage beasts freely roam about the world, infiltrating villages, and endangering the human population. Use your magical prowess to gain control over those that terrorize your village and unleash them upon your enemies! With both luck and wits, make use of whatever is in your disposal and strategize your way to victory!
In the end, those that keep their souls, keep the peace. Until the next battle, that is…

How to play Lagim

Lagim can be played by 2-6 players.
Each player takes turns battling against monsters and each other while defending their Baryos.
During a player’s turn, they are referred to as the Active Player. The Active Player is allowed to perform 1 action during their turn. This action depends on their current cards and strategy.

Play the Dark Soul Coin


Play the Dark Soul Coin to instantly gain 2 Lagim cards to harness the power of darkness to attack and overwhelm your opponents.

Sacrifice a Soul Coin


If the Active Player, for any reason wishes to get a fresh set of cards, as a sacrifice to the dark forces they must offer 1 Soul Coin to the forest in exchange for a new set of Baryo cards.
The Soul Coin serves as the player’s life points in the game. A player is eliminated once they run out of Soul Coins.

Play card abilities


Baryo card deck comes with standalone cards that can be utilized or can be played without the support from Lakas or Lagim cards. Depending on the player’s luck, the Active Player can choose to play a card from their hand to grant them special abilities that can summon powerful cards.

Capture a Lagim card


Battling a Lagim card from the deck enables the Active Player to capture it when they surpass its entity level using Lakas or Lakas + Kontra cards. Having a Lagim card on hand grants the player the ability to attack other Baryos on their next turn and acquire more Soul Coins from successful battles.

Engage in battle; Attack a Baryo


Attack a Baryo to eliminate other players and become the last Baryo standing. Use Lagim cards and strengthen them further with Hiwaga cards to attack and strike down your opponents with ease.
Successful attacks grant the player additional Soul coins.

Learn more about the complete battle mechanics and advanced battle moves to cast Lagim over your opponents by downloading the game rule book below.

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