The Encounter with the Mambabarang - Lagim Card Game

In a small town in the east, there was a man known for his rudeness and excessive drinking habit. Rumors say he was drowning himself in sorrow, having all the riches with him but no one to share a life with.

One night he barged into a small local family gathering uninvited and notoriously blustering on everyone who gets in his way. People mumbled in fear as they could not control the man and gave all they had until the man finally left.

Drunk and wobbling, the man ended up in the woods where he came across a dilapidated hut with a very foul gutted smell coming from the inside. He vomited, shouted curses, and threw the empty bottle of wine against the hut. Suddenly he started to choke and fell on his knees, gasping for air. Worms and centipedes started to creep out from every hole of his face: from his nose, his mouth, and his ears. He cried helplessly, but no one is around, except for a mysterious elder woman watching sinisterly from afar. He crawled closer to her, asking for help but became more horrified after realizing who she was… a Mambabarang. He asked for forgiveness, but it was too late as worms started crawling out of his eyes.

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